What is micro-needling and what are the benefits?

Micro-needling can be used to treat and improve a wide range of skin problems. These include improving skin tone and texture, reducing the appearance of large pores, increasing skin elasticity and firmness, reducing lines and wrinkles, repairing sun damage, and reducing the appearance of acne scars and scars from surgery or trauma. Utilising sterile cartridges, which contain micro-needles, micro-wounds are created to stimulate collagen production and the skin’s natural healing response. Due to the method of application, the pin-pricks are evenly distributed over the specified treatment area.

Who is micro-needling suitable for?

Candidate suitability and treatment type will be established during a through consultation prior to commencement of any procedure. As there are varying levels of invasiveness, the procedure type and applicability must be established at this stage. Result expectations will be managed at this point. Minimally invasive procedures, whilst not comparable to surgical intervention, are generally excellent.

What does the treatment involve?

To ensure comfort throughout the treatment, a topical anaesthetic can be applied to the area to be treated. This is applied around 20 minutes prior to commencement. The procedure itself takes somewhere in the region of 15 minutes. Once completed, a growth solution is applied to the treatment area. Although some irritation maybe experienced following the process, but this will quickly subside. Mild results will be noticeable after a few days. However, more noticeable results will be gradually more apparent.

All aesthetic skin care treatments are carried out by a fully CIBTAC qualified aesthetic practitioner and are fully insured.

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